About Us
Service Philosophy

Our Philosophy in caring for our resident can be best described by the way the fragile bonsai plant is being nurtured.

Human care and attention are the critical elements.

Coupled with our clinical philosophy of adopting the best of East and West, we provide residents the options of receiving western medical care as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

At ECON Medicare Centres and Nursing Homes, every resident is important to us because the well-being and satisfaction of our residents and their families are the reasons for our existence.

Quality of Services
Range of Services
At ECON Medicare Centres and Nursing Homes, we provide a comprehensive range of healthcare services to meet the different needs of our residents:
Long & Short Term Residents Care
Geriatric and Stroke Rehabilitation
Wound Management
Doctor Consultation
Rehabilitation Services (Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy)
Traditional Chinese Medicine Services
Day Care
Respite Care
Leisure & Recreational Activities
Festive & Special Events Celebration
Team of Professional Staff
All Our Services are managed by professional and dedicated staff such as Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chinese Physicians, Registered Nurses and, qualified and experienced nursing staff.
Safety & cleanliness
Our Environment is clean, spacious and comfortable. They are specially designed and built with safety in mind for our residents.
Nutritious Meals
Meals are specially planned by our dietician, to ensure that dietary requirement of our residents are met. We serve 3 nutritious meals daily, supplemented by 3 light refreshments in between.
Accomodation & Fees
The Fees vary, depending on the type of accommodation selected and the level of care required.
Various categories of accommodation are available:
Single / Double / 3-4 Bedded Rooms
Open Wards with option of Air-con or Non Air-con.
Upon admission, the following will be levied:
Admission / registration fee
First month home fee
One month home fee deposit (refundable)
Medical assessment fee
Documents Required
For the pre-admission assessment, the following documents will be required:
A referral letter from the hospital or clinic concerned
Medical history or records of patients
Resident's and sponsor's indentity cards (or passport if foreigner)
Visiting Hours
From 11am to 7pm daily
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